VoD: The Defense 3 - Empire vs paiN

Length: 52:48
Date: December 07, 2012
Caster: Corsair Arena

Alkhemia wrote at 08.12.2012, 01:30 CET:
Nice name oh does not seem to work how nice
BakaTsuki wrote at 08.12.2012, 06:22 CET:
Not only ow3d have the most retarded player ever, now it dont even work at all. GJ.
Alkhemia wrote at 08.12.2012, 19:16 CET:
So is Tobi high for this..
Cackteus wrote at 08.12.2012, 22:24 CET:
I HATE how you cannot skip back and fowards with this player. so FUCKING ANNOYING
Steelmilk wrote at 09.12.2012, 13:57 CET:
Ditch own3d please
Lagger- wrote at 09.12.2012, 14:34 CET:
just watch it on youtube. copy paste the title and it's the 1st result. i gave up on own3d long ago. stick to youtube for vods
strm wrote at 12.12.2012, 00:01 CET:
Refresh to try and fix... Surprise another 40s commercial -.-
Denzar wrote at 12.12.2012, 10:06 CET:
You have to let it load before skipping in own3d :( But yes, just go to youtube!
When will sven get nerfed :s

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