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It's back. The Defense is bigger than ever with its 5th season starting this September. Be a part of joinDOTA's ever growing tournament and get online tickets.
The Defense returns - September 2015
Who will win the oldest Dota 2 tournament?
The Final Four
These teams are meeting at the LAN finals.

Team Liquid vs coL Game 2 - The Defense 5 - @durkadota & Clairvoyance

About The Defense

In the dawn of Dota 2, following the $1.6 million International which introduced the world to Valve’s latest creation, rose The Defense, joinDOTA's flagship tournament.

With no peer in its midst The Defense was the largest online Dota 2 tournament of its time, featuring TWENTY-FOUR teams and a 10,000 EUR prize pool, a small fortune for that era.

Now with the Majors on the horizon, Dota 2 is about to take the next step in its evolution. We can think of no better moment to bring back our pride and joy which helped sow the seed of our glorious community.