The Defense Qualifier Top 32

posted by HolyMaster, 3 years ago
Stage two of The Defense qualifier brings the remaining 32 teams into a double elimination grid. While the majority of those will get eliminated today, the first four will qualify for the main tournament.

Yesterday we started out with full 512 teams. After four tough rounds, only 32 are left. Everyone who made it this far, is allowed to lose one match today while still keeping the chances up to qualify. 4 of the 8 slots for the third season of The Defense, sponsored by ROCCAT and, will be awarded to the ones who survive in the upper bracket.

The Schedule

UB = Upperbracket, MB = Middlebracket, LB = Lowerbracket

  • 19:15: UB Top 32 (16 matches) << Losers go to MB Top 32
  • 20:30: UB Top 16 (8 matches) << Losers go to MB Top 24
  • 20:30: MB Top 32 (8 matches) << Losers are out
  • 21:45: UB Top 8 (4 matches) << Losers go to MB Top 12, winners qualify
  • 21:45: MB Top 24 (8 matches) << Losers are out
  • 23:00: MB Top 16 (4 matches) << Losers are out
  • 19:15: MB Top 12 (4 matches) << Losers go to LB Top 12
  • 20:30: MB Top 8 (2 matches) << Losers go to LB Top 10, winners qualify
  • 20:30: LB Top 12 (2 matches) << Losers are out
  • 21:45: LB Top 10 (2 matches) << Losers are out, winners qualify

Note: Even though the grid below goes until the grand final, the last rounds won't be played out.


While the main communication platform yesterday was this website, this process gets canged for today. From this point and onwards, you find out your next opponent by looking at the grid inside this newspost instead of the automatic pooling system. That also means that the match details do not exist anymore. Therefore we recommend everyone to join #thedefense in Quakenet IRC to contact other players and admins.


The Defense qualifier shares almost all rules with the joinDOTA OPEN. The only differences are mentioned in this newspost. Keep this in mind, while wondering about any topic: If the opposite isn't written right here, the joinDOTA OPEN rules apply.

The Grid

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