The Defense Qualifier Overview

posted by HolyMaster, 3 years ago
The qualifier of The Defense 3 starts tonight with the first four rounds. Find all important information about format, schedule and organisation right here.

8 slots for the third season of The Defense, sponsored by ROCCAT and, are up for grabs. To really ensure that the 8 best teams get through, we use a complicated but reasonable and fair qualifying format. For better understanding, we explain the system in detail below.

Competition Format

The qualifier will last three days, each from 19:00 until ~24:00 CET.

November 26th: 515 teams, Single Elimination Stage
November 27th: Top 32, Double Elimination Stage
November 28th: Top 12, Triple Elimination Stage

The top 4 from the upper bracket advances (those 4 teams are already done at Tuesday night). 2 teams from the middle bracket and 2 from the lower bracket will follow. That means:
  • If you win ALL matches on Monday, you proceed to Tuesday
  • If you lose ONE match on Monday, you are out
  • If you win ALL matches on Tuesday, you are qualified
  • If you lose ONE match on Tuesday, you proceed to Wednesday
  • If you lose TWO matches on Tuesday, you are out
  • If you win ALL matches on Wednesday, you are qualified
  • If you lose ONE match on Wednesday, you are still qualified
  • If you lose TWO matches on Wednesday, you are out

The Schedule

UB = Upperbracket, MB = Middlebracket, LB = Lowerbracket

  • 19:15 - UB Top 512 << Losers are out
  • 20:30 - UB Top 256 << Losers are out
  • 21:45 - UB Top 128 << Losers are out
  • 23:00 - UB Top 64 << Losers are out
  • 19:15: UB Top 32 (16 matches) << Losers go to MB Top 32
  • 20:30: UB Top 16 (8 matches) << Losers go to MB Top 24
  • 20:30: MB Top 32 (8 matches) << Losers are out
  • 21:45: UB Top 8 (4 matches) << Losers go to MB Top 12, winners qualify
  • 21:45: MB Top 24 (8 matches) << Losers are out
  • 23:00: MB Top 16 (4 matches) << Losers are out
  • 19:15: MB Top 12 (4 matches) << Losers go to LB Top 12
  • 20:30: MB Top 8 (2 matches) << Losers go to LB Top 10, winners qualify
  • 20:30: LB Top 12 (2 matches) << Losers are out
  • 21:45: LB Top 10 (2 matches) << Losers are out, winners qualify

The check-in will start at 18:00 tonight and will last up to one hour. Even though almost 700 teams signed up so far, only 512 of them will be able to check in! But don't worry, from experience not all signed teams turn up for the check-in, so we expect to have enough free slots. If you haven't signed up yet, you have a few hours left to do so.

Sign Up!


During the first day the communication platform is the joinDOTA website. If any issues occur, contact us via the support system and only there. To find out your next opponent, just check the overview page at 19:00 or later. If you find your match there and click on it, you get to the match details and can write comments to talk to your opponents.

For Tuesday and Wednesday we will change the process. We will publish a grid for the remaining 32 teams in a newsposts. From this point and onwards, you find out your next opponent by looking at this grid instead of the automatic pooling system. That also means that the match details do not exist anymore. Therefore we recommend everyone to join #thedefense in Quakenet IRC to contact other players and admins.

Please note again that the communication on Monday works completely different than on the other two days!


The Defense qualifier shares almost all rules with the joinDOTA OPEN. The only differences are mentioned in this newspost. Keep this in mind, while wondering about any topic: If the opposite isn't written right here, the joinDOTA OPEN rule applies.


If you don't want to play but just watch, tune in to Christian 'Epi' Czech from tonight who will be introduced by Tobi Wan for the time that Tobi is gone for events like WCG, SMM or The Asia. He will pick out some interesting matches and broadcast them during the whole qualifier. Everyone else is free to provide a livestream via as well, as long as it complies with the rules.

Good luck to all participants!
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