The Defense #3 - Playday 2
13.12.2012, 19:15 CET
1 : 0


484 total bets placed

VitamiinaC wrote at 12.12.2012, 14:22 CET:
Força paiN !!
Representa os Brazucas aeeee
longbeard wrote at 12.12.2012, 19:01 CET:
paiN must have won a raffle to get into this tournament
siraxta wrote at 13.12.2012, 00:54 CET:
longbeard wrote:
paiN must have won a raffle to get into this tournament

Actually they won all their qualifying games
aamm wrote at 13.12.2012, 01:51 CET:
This game will be good, i only worry about the Ping for paiN-Gaming
Vekus wrote at 13.12.2012, 13:57 CET:
I will cast this match tonight at beginning at 19.00 CEST so tune in for english live commentary!
K-4-iN wrote at 13.12.2012, 15:19 CET:
paiN vs Empire was a nice game to to watch! I hope the same. Go paiN, hard and team work
Lamora wrote at 13.12.2012, 15:54 CET:
This is a difficult game to predict. paiN did a strong show on qualify, winning games with very smoothly coordinated dota, which suggest they have a better dota than random teams. Besides that, surely Empire didn't have any trouble but it was still not a rolfstomp 40-0 15 minutes kind of game. 4FC did some big upsets on lan lately, winning against pulse and giving nth a run for their money on DH. Who will win? Not sure, really. Slight upper hand to 4FC.

edited by Lamora at 13.12.2012, 16:53 CET
couchor wrote at 13.12.2012, 18:58 CET:
Will be casting this on
RampageBonvs wrote at 13.12.2012, 19:20 CET:
some one now how can i watch the game on livestream?
please answer
ChainKiller wrote at 13.12.2012, 19:24 CET:
rancid689 wrote at 13.12.2012, 20:15 CET:
was this game close?

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